Pediatric Dentistry


Children who have positive experiences with dentists develop healthy lifelong attitudes toward dental care. At Anew Dental, we strive to establish the trust and confidence needed to make all of your child’s visits to the dentist pleasant. Dr. Pham uses her years of experience working with children to help your child feel good about visiting the dentist and to teach your child how to care for his/her teeth. If you are looking for a dental office that will foster in your child a healthy attitude toward kids dental care, call Anew Dental today to schedule an appointment. 

What types of dental services do we provide for children?

We provide comprehensive preventative, restorative, and orthodontic services for your child at every stage of his/her development, from the first tooth through adulthood.

What can I do to prepare my child for a first visit to the dentist?

Preparing your child for his first dentist visit will help him/her feel more confident and comfortable in our office. There are several ways in which you can help your child prepare for a first kids dental appointment. First, try to act relaxed and at ease: children will often pick up on the anxiety of a parent. To help put your child at ease, tell him/her that the childrens dentist is going to “count” and “take pictures” of his/her teeth. Do not use fear-inducing words like “hurt,” “drill,” “pull,” or “needle.” Do not make statements that put negative ideas in your child’s mind, like the “dentist will not hurt you.”

What will we do during your child’s first visit?

At the first appointment, we will complete a comprehensive examination of the teeth and your child’s bite will be evaluated. At each step of the way, we will explain to your child in terms that he/she can understand. Where appropriate, radiographs (x-rays) will be taken to assure a thorough examination. After the exam is completed, we review our diagnosis with you, explain any treatments your child may need, and answer any questions that you have.

Can anything more than an examination be done during the first appointment?

Yes, if your child is comfortable and willing, we will clean his/her teeth and apply a fluoride treatment. Time permitting, other needed restorative work can be completed, as well. If we do not finish your child’s full treatment plan on the first visit, we will schedule convenient appointments to complete the needed procedures.

How often does my child need to see the dentist?

When discussing pediatric dentist, the American Dental Association recommends regular periodic exams and cleanings. When your child’s treatment has been completed, we will place him/her on a periodic kids dental exam schedule and will send you a reminder card when your kids dental visit is due.

Why is it important to protect baby teeth?

There are several reasons to preserve your child’s baby teeth. Children need strong teeth to eat well, so baby teeth are essential to your child’s physical health. Also, because baby teeth are needed to maintaining proper spacing for permanent teeth, early loss of baby teeth can lead to kids dental problems later in life.

Why are sealants important?

Sealants are a protective coating that goes over the chewing surface of the tooth. Sealants help to prevent cavities by filling in the grooves in the tooth where decay often starts.

Why are space maintainers important?

When providing pediatric dentist services, space maintainers are appliances used to help preserve the spacing of the baby teeth when a baby tooth is extracted. The space maintainer holds the remaining baby teeth in the correct place so that permanent teeth will come in properly.

As a childrens dentist, Dr. Pham will advise the parent(s) on a plan to keep your child on the path to healthy dental care. If you would like to discuss how our dentistry for kids program would benefit you, call us now at 1-940-565-5049.

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