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How Much Does a Dental Crown (Cap) Cost

Dental Crown Cost

There is a wide price range for dental crowns (dental caps). A crown can cost anywhere from $600 to $3,000 per tooth depending on the the location of the crown, the material used for the crown, and the complexity of placing the crown. A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown generally runs in the $600 to $800 price range, while a gold crowns can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,000. The tooth preparation needed for an all-porcelain or all-resin crown is more time consuming, so those crowns are more costly. Most dental insurance plans cover 50-60% of the cost of a crown but some plans cover more. When price-shopping for a crown keep in mind that materials, location, and complexity make “How much do you charge for a crown?” is difficult question to answer without an in-person consultation. If seeking a price quote for a crown, you will likely have to be satisfied with the quote of a price range. You can find more information on our site on dental crowns and bridges.

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