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What if I Don’t Replace My Missing Tooth?

Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Many people wonder why it is so important to replace a missing tooth. This is especially true for people who are going to have a back tooth pulled and do not want to pay for a bridge or implant to replace a tooth that no one will see. The truth is, replacing the missing tooth now will actually be cheaper than waiting to repair the damage that the missing tooth will cause.

A missing tooth causes the teeth that surround it to lean and to drift out of place. Not only does this leave you with unsightly gaps between your teeth, it also makes it more difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene and leads to plaque build up in the gaps between your teeth. In time, this plaque build up can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss and/or serious gum disease. If you have a missing tooth, your dentist can explain your replacement options.

Why Do Fillings Have to Be Replaced
Many people wonder why a filling needs to be replaced if the tooth does not hurt. Like most everything else, fillings eventually wear out. As time passes, the constant pressure exerted on your filling from chewing, clenching, and/or grinding wears down your filling and causes small cracks. A regular dental check up from your dentist allows the early detection of problems with a filling.

If the edge of the filling is worn, the seal between the tooth and the filling fails and food particles and decay causing bacteria can get beneath the filling. Decay under a filling may cause an abscess and require a root canal or result in the loss of the tooth. Similarly, cracks in a filling can result in tooth decay under the filling and cause serious damage to the tooth. A regular check up with your dentist will let you replace a worn filling before it becomes a serious problem.

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